Sunday, 19 December 2010

Malacca - up on Malaysia's West Coast.

This cold snap of winter has made me think about where I was two years ago. A bus journey up from Singapore brought us through miles of pineapple plantations to the coast and the old small city Of Malacca. This was a long weekend break. I love the local architecture which is so very flexible. This home is a small private museum built I think at the beginning of the twentieth century and added to by the family when they needed more space. Should you go to malacca do be sure to visit.

The lady of the house had a wonderful collection of surviving blue and white china.

I love the extreme roof line of this design plus the underneath area which is always so carefully thought out in Asia.

A good place to eat or to while away a drink and people watching is the Geographer's cafe.

All over the Far East flower arrangements are divine!

The tourist bicycles are pretty special too! So many fake flowers ...

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