Saturday, 18 December 2010

Berlin Christmas market- then changes at home

Through my drawing room window you can see the snow gently and remorselessly falling onto the trees in the large orchard next door...

Political plates celebrating Gladstone have been moved to their new imposing position on the dresser, with a Polish traditional Christmas decoration bought in Cracov this summer. It is so simply made from foil sweetie wrappers . I had seen one in the wonderful craft museum down in the Jewish quarter of town and was delighted to be able to purchase this one for myself.

Here is the exquisite Polish card decoration which is simple but highly effective.

From the top of the house I can see my garden and it is still snowing...


  1. Hello! Just caught your comment about the snow, you are right, we have 15 inches of snow at last count! Love the photos - we are planning to move to your beautiful county in the future, after I broke my arm in our first, but not last holiday there. (Breaking the arm didn't decide it, but the kindness I recieved from so many people, did).