Sunday, 19 December 2010

KRAKOV and the delight of Polish Folk Art

Onion domes?! A touch of Eastern Europe!

This summer we were travelling around Poland and I really found myself interested in the crafts that are such a strong part of the culture. Paper crafts in particular. At present papercuts are very fashionable in the UK and there is such a tradition of these in Poland. However, my favourite item was the very simple almost 'naiive'paper combinations of flowers,birds, streamers etc.

These Christmas decorations were beautifully displayed in the local Crafts museum in the old Jewish quarter of Krakov.

Don't you think they are simplicity itself?

The museum also displays historic interiors. I love this hanging!

This is so inkeeping with a photo I took in Malacca on my last post - the rickshaw bicycle covered in paper and plastic roses - it certainly resonates with this room centrepiece don't you think? Asia and Europe meet?

I know, I know its not Hermes, but its very lovely!

Red rules!

What do you think of this headpiece? I love it!

After the museum visit we decamped to the main square for a beer and a bowl of bigos! We were entertained by these lovely young singers and dancers.

If you know anything about these items please post and tell me. Any Polish readers?

"Spiders" are made from crepe paper or wool check out this website


  1. Hi Jeni

    lovely pics and particularly enjoyable to see snowy scenes and know that we're unlikely to get snow in SW France!

    My blogging is mainly work-related but here is one that intersects with personal interests:

    all best wishes


  2. These are beautiful! I love this. Was this in Krakow?

  3. This post is amazing. I particularly love the headpieces. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thanks Jill-

    Hope you get down to France safely and enjoy the break- will check out the site!

  5. Dear 'Cross the Pond' and 'Olga'

    Yes its a great little museum in Krakov which is given a very slight mention in the tourist guides! Such wonderful concoctions from a little paper wire and beads!!