Monday, 20 September 2010

Lady Jane Digby' s Damascus home


  1. As Jane Digby's biographer I am slightly confused by these images. The portrait while of the same era is not of Jane, and the house, while of the same design and period in Damascus is not Jane's house but an old consular house. Were they posted to give a flavour of Jane - I can't work it out.

    1. Dear Ms Lovell,

      Thank you for your comment.I have read and enjoyed your biography on Jane Digby and I too have made the journey to Damascus and Palmyra and other places in Syria in her footsteps,those of the Burtons and T.E. Lawrence.My father, a North Dorset man spent time in Damascus in 1945 posted there with the British Army where he took some black and white tiny photos in the old 127 format. I believed the above image to be one of Jane's homes in the city but now that you have told me that it is not I am more than happy to correct my mistake. Please accept my sincere apology for this mistake.

      I have not posted any image of Jane...are you looking at my blog heading? This is a French writer who I have as the heading for my blog under the fun title of Aurora Raby!
      Best Wishes
      Jeni Molyneux

    2. Dear Jeni, Then you will heart-broken like me over what is happening in lovely Syria. I do know that some guides have pointed out various places in Damascus to tourists as being 'the home of Jane Digby' which were in fact rented or owned by former western Consuls. Until recently the family who own Jane's actual house used to allow me to take visitors there, but in May 2011 they said they were not prepared to have any more visitors as it was becoming a nuisance to them. Now of course there aren't any visitors anyway. Best wishes, Mary


    3. Dear Mary,

      The months have passed.

      I do so agree with your thoughts . The situation in Syria is heartbreaking. It seems to be escalating out of all proportion and it's almost impossible to see the end in sight. For me with only one visit and hoping to return for so long now -I wonder how long this tragedy can continue.
      Syria and her ordinary people remain in my thoughts and heart.

      Best Wishes to you who I know will be feeling the same as will all those who accompanied you there on your travels. Jeni

  2. I have found this thread by chance when looking for information about Jane Digby's home to put on my blog about some Damascene swords that we own. I must mention that I visited Damascus only once, in October 2008, when I accompanied my husband on a business trip (we were living in Bahrain at the time). Having read 'A Scandalous Life', I was very keen to explore the city where Jane had lived. I had the most wonderful time and always planned to return and go to Palmyra and Aleppo, but sadly that was not to be. I, too, am heartbroken at the state of things in Syria at the moment. Tanya Lunn