Sunday, 24 April 2011

A long LOVING BLUE weekend in Dartmouth

Once we had boarded the ferry  we were on our way across the harbour entrance.

A beautiful and fair Friday morning, a few weeks ago at the beginning of this wonderful weather we set off down to Devon to meet up with some of the younger generation with a view to following family footsteps. 

Anzac Street Bistro was our very comfortable and excellently situated home for two nights... it was lovely
not only two rooms upstairs

delicious food served downstairs 
reader...I recommend it

Why do seaside houses anywhere in the world look so right? painted blue?

Just look at this one.

 with a beautiful decoration in the plaster on the front...
how about this for a front door?

and here below- mock Tudor building styles 

Shrimp net anyone?

There is a great little maritime museum  in this 16th Century building where Charles 11 once dined

 A little wedding fever! and some great small individual shops...

  This is a great town for keeping fit as many homes cling to the hills around the harbour and there are 

some spectacular Georgian properties.

of course the odd home populated by fairies is there too ...

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