Saturday, 5 March 2011

Mastering the Art of putting Colour into my black and white photos...

This last week my number 1 son visited and gave me a quick workshop on how to use my Adobe Photoshop.

 I have been trying to put into practice these skills on my recent photos from South India. 

Here dear readers  are my first attempts at trying to create some interesting images. Bicycles are always a major theme in my Asia photos. I just love the image...

This is Tipu Sultan's palace just north of the city of Mysore

Christmas time at home

Think this one works well....

But this is one is my favourite ... there are no apt words to describe the beauty of these ancient trees.

(  I will keep trying to learn new skills on photoshop and post again,,,)

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  1. Dear Jeni

    These are really beautiful. Well done

    Love Hilary.