Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Kerala...and Fort Cochin +some of the things I love about India...

After the unfolding of the sad news from Japan this week the state of emergency there continues to be an ongoing  cause of worry, sadness and concern to the rest of the world. It is in our thoughts.

Yet less than a month ago no we  were wandering around the southern most tip of India  
seeing  at first hand the reconstruction that has gone on... after the last Asian tsunami. 

Poor fishing villages and homes have been completely  rebuilt along the shoreline. 


 I have downloaded the second section of photos from our holiday and here is a taste of Kerala.

Calicut  north of Fort Cochin on the coast is the place where calico was shipped out. The pool and hammock say it all.A few days to relax after a very busy  time in Mysore. Slowly making our way back to  Fort Cochin for the flight back to the UK.

I wish that I could have brought this courtyard garden home with me... Its just perfect. I love these old colonial wooden homes with an interior courtyard- so different from any garden in England.

Another breakfast and   ..... another omelette as we get set for the day...

But how delicious does this supper in the evening look?

And in the bedroom an antique  teak 19th C daybed for lingering on ...

 The Courtyard restaurant- Fort Cochin...

And here was a perfect little homestay  called Precious I think which I passed on a walk and awarded the 'best garden of the trip' award to...isn't it special? You can find it near the Vasco da Gama church and the cricket field.

And finally a church  which we passed en route to the Spice Market - 

decked out in Mother Teresa's colours  of cobalt  blue and white- 

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  1. Hi,
    What a spectacular trip this must have been. I have always wanted to go to India. Your photos make it all look so interesting and exotic.
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