Friday, 4 March 2011

A collection of them....these beauties are all from TOPSHOP

I was reading Liberty London Girl's blog this morning about the problem she recently had with a rather gorgeous necklace she purchased on line. It turned out to be somewhat fragile and 'poorly made' which was a huge disappointment to her.LLG was commenting on our UK chain stores and the value they often give in costume jewellery. So Being currently obsessed with bangles I went on a hunt.

The above set are quite nice..
These are a little more interesting...
But these really are a beautifully chosen set..

Very recently during my month in South India I searched through many bracelets in the bazaar, from sellers on the South India beaches, and of course, small shops.

I did find some orange and turquoise gems. The most interesting part of buying the bangles in India was that I had not quite appreciated what an art the selection and placing of such bangles within the whole is.

The young seller would quite simply select- place- add and =take away- in a happy silence -until the selected outcome was pleasingly arranged. Then to preserve this finely balanced order she took a piece of metal and clamped them into place. What 'an eye' she had!

So today on the Topshop website I saw these... I observed the careful placing of the selection and it was love at first sight...

for these last ones.

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