Monday, 28 March 2011

Collectibles: Austrian Fruit Brooches 1940s-1950s

I started collecting these gorgeous little moulded glass  fruit gems on ebay from the USA a few years ago after seeing and reading about them in Judith Miller's guide to collecting costume jewellery. 

It would seem that they were made in Austria and then shipped to the States.

Its really difficult to have a favourite as they are all so lovely and highly collectible. 

They really  are such fun... and very topical too.. with fruit images being splashed all over the fashion pages for Spring / Summer 2011

Yummy golden peaches with green enamelled leaves and a complimentary flower

These are such juicy looking apples

Wild strawberries with two complimentary flowers

Two mauve translucent pears -symbol of my county

Red cherries set in a  black japanned base.

Strawberries again with two sets of enamelled leaves and two highlight crystals

  Peaches ? Plums?

A solitary large crystal  pear.

 Dear Readers I need your help!

Can you please comment if you like ONE of them more than the rest.Or if you know more about them ...I would love to hear  more about them...

Where in Austria were they made?
Why solely  for the American market?
Any other collectors out there who can help?


  1. Strawberries are my favourite fruit, so that one is my favourite. They are all very pretty.

  2. Thanks Looking Fab in your forties-