Thursday, 17 February 2011

Three of the most beautiful January sunsets

Varkala beach

The highlight of the evenings spent in Southern India were the sunsets! These three are all of the sun setting over the Arabian Sea- magnificent- so warm and the sun was so quickly to disappear.
We would rush from the afternoon nap to position ourselves in a comfortable place just to watch the sun descend in the sky each evening.

The plan was to make our way down to the tip of South India where on certain nights you can see the sun and the moon. However, there were so many local tourists on their pilgrimage don here that the effect was somewhat like an October evening in Blackpool!

Street stalls selling shells that must have been plundered from every beach on the planet abound. Neon yellow and pink candyfloss in plastic bags and many other 'souvenirs' rather spoiled the moment for me...

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