Tuesday, 21 December 2010

ION ORCHARD, Singapore - the most amazing shopping mall.

Betty, my young colleague at work had a beautiful new handbag on the desk. I enquired about it and she recommended this place to me!! ION Ion shopping mall is' state of the art' opened in 2009 on Orchard Road in Singapore both above and far below ground. It is a beautiful and fascinating conception as a place to eat,shop and just to 'be'. Modern. Smart. Stylish.

And it has the longest escalator I have ever seen which takes you down to the 'eating-makan' level. Here in a really smart food court you can eat an amazing range of foods from all over the world.

Space on a huge scale and cool in this always hot and humid city!

Great window displays.

and flower arrangements too- a celebration offering for a newly opened shop!

And can you guess what this shop is?
Clinical, clean- make up ? pharmacy?


Yes -it really is - in all sorts of expensively wrapped parcels!

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