Monday, 20 September 2010

Palmyra in the Syrian desert

This is a place that I longed dreamed of visiting for many years. So many people make the trip to Egypt to view its many treasures but for me this was my number one place. Lady Jane Digby
had made her way here a century or so before and camped in a bedouin tent here.

It is a quite a fascinating ride across the desert from Damascus to here to reach this oasis. The return journey was not uneventful, as on our return to the city there was a flash flood from the wadi and the road was almost instantly washed away leaving us to have to remove the luggage from the boot and put it into the car under our feet to keep it dry. The detour meant returning very tired, thirsty and hungry much later that evening. Next time I go I want to stay and see the night sky and stars over Palmyra.

This is one of the best days ever!

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