Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Loving these old shop entrances...

Tuesday 5th January 2010

Gown Emporiums...and their beautiful mosaic entrances

Lets take a look at some of my favourite gown shop entrances starting with Madame Louis who has a distinctly french touch to her cartouche. I wonder when Mme Louis opened her shop and how her window looked then...

I love these named and mosaic tiled entrances to 1920's / 1930's gown shops.
Who were the artisan artists who created such beauties?

And who were those Yorkshire ladies who frequented these shops- and did they too queue happily and patiently for tea at Betty's after an afternoon picking out their new acquisitions?

I want to imagine who L. Sallberg was and what wonderful creations she had on display in the glass bowed windows.

These entrances are on the street alongside Betty's tearooms in Harrogate.I just had to record them as they are perfect examples of early street style.

See how neatly the cartouche is formed within the space of the entrance.

This is one of the shops which has its window dressed with some style...

My grandmother was a dressmaker at this time in Thirsk, I will post some of the gown designs she made on my blog tomorrow...

If you too love these entrances please leave me a brief comment! Thanks.

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  1. So lovely...I adore these as well. The one I remember the most was at a candy shop in Barcelona...funny how these things stay with you.